Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Almay Liquid Lip Balm Review

Top to Bottom: Blooming Balm, Apricot Pucker, Rosy Lipped

     Hi Everyone! I wanted to pass along my review of the new(ish) Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balms. I love these things! To me, they are just the perfect lip gloss. They're slightly on the creamy side, not as glassy and super super shiny as other formulas. (Although they still pack a lot of shine!) Here's what Almay has to say about them:

A lifesaver for your lips! NEW Almay Color + Care™ Liquid Lip Balm combines the lip conditioning care of a balm with the shiny color of your favorite gloss. Shiny color drenches lips with 2X hydration* as lip-loving conditioners provide 194% more moisture for softer, smoother lips over time. Non-sticky. gluten free. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested.
*vs. bare lips

Source: Almay.com
     I would have to say that I agree with about everything that they said! They definitely feel very moisturizing on the lips (although I always think it's kinda funny when they come up with numbers like 194%...so specific!). The texture is very creamy and not drying at all. Even though these balms/glosses (whatever you prefer to call them:)) aren't sticky, I still think they have pretty good staying power. Be aware though, they won't really stay on through eating, and there's no staining effect, so reapplication is necessary throughout the day. That's what I expect with most lip products though, so it's not a problem for me. The website describes the color as sheer, which I agree with, especially on the lighter shades. They can be worn alone, and also look great paired with a lip liner. Another plus about these is that they are really quite inexpensive compared to other drugstore glosses. They are priced at $4.48 at my local Wal-Mart, and quite a few times I've been able to get a $1 off coupon, making them only $3.48! I haven't priced them at drugstores, but my guess is that they're a few dollars more there.
     There are ten colors in the collection, and I have three. I really want to own the whole collection! Maybe I'll do another blog post when I reach that goal! :) The three I have are Blooming Balm, Apricot Pucker, and Rosy Lipped.

     Here are the swatches in the same order as above.

     Overall, I am very impressed with these glosses! If you're like me and prefer your glosses a little on the creamy side, I would definitely pick one or two up to try!

<3 Vanessa


  1. I've looked for these babies everywhere, and they are always sold out!! I really need to get my hands on these! The Apricot Pucker reminds me a tad bit of Nyx's Peach Cobbler. Blooming Balm looks like a great nude, pinky color.

    Great review!!! :)


    1. Thank you!! :)

      I agree, they tend to be sold out in a lot of places! I'm going to WalMart tomorrow and hope they have some restocked.

      You're right about Apricot Pucker looking like Peach Cobbler. (Which just so happens to be my fave butter gloss!) The color is very similar, with Almay being a little more red, and Nyx being a little more orange and more opaque.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! :)

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