Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nails of the Day

     Hi Everyone! I thought I'd share with you the look I came up with for my nails today! I got the inspiration from Pinterest. :)

     I painted all my nails except for my ring fingers with two coats of Chiffon Chic, then I painted my ring fingers with two coats of the white side of the Revlon Nail Art. I used the Kiss Nail Art Paint to make black stripes on my ring fingers, then used Chiffon Chic with the small side of my dotting tool to make the hearts. (Make sure you let everything completely dry before moving on to each step, or you'll be left with a hot mess!) I then topped it all off with Essie's Super Duper Top Coat.

     Verdict - although this look is kind of a pain because there's so much drying time between steps, I absolutely love the final look! As for the individual products -
  • Maybelline Color Show in Chiffon Chic - while I really love this soft pink color (and the cute name), I'm not really impressed with the super thin formula or the small brush. I'm not sure I'll be buying any more polishes in this line unless I see a color I have to have.
  • Revlon Nail Art Neon in High Voltage - I bought this recently on clearance at CVS. It was kind of a mistake, because I took the term "Nail Art" to mean that they had the skinny little brushes to do nail art with. I was quite disappointed when I got home and found that they were just regular sized brushes! The orange is kind of a weird shade that I don't think I'll ever wear as a color all over my nails. The formula is alright, nothing spectacular. I do like the white shade, it's nice and bright.
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black - I really enjoy this, the brush and formula are both really good for getting nice clean lines. (My shaky hands, that's another story!) :)
  • Essence Dotting Tool - I love this thing! It comes with two different sized tips on the ends, and is so versatile for creating lots of designs. I got it at Ulta for only a buck or two.
  • Essie Super Duper Top Coat - this does exactly what I look for in a top coat - gives me shine, and make my polish last.
Have a great day everyone!
<3 Vanessa

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  1. I LOVE the Color Show polishes! so fantastic for the price. Love the nails!!

    XO Stacey